Submission Form Instructions

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  1. Your Information
    List your e-mail address, name, address, and phone number. The email address you enter can be used to create a password for tracking your coins. ANACS will send you an email when your coins are shipping back to you.
  2. Your Coins
    --Starting with line one, list each coin in the submission, with coin date, mint mark (if appropriate), denomination and country. You must list an Owner's Value for each coin.*
    --If you would like variety attribution or research for any of your coins, list the appropriate information in the Variety column**. For verification, write a description of the expected variety. For research, describe the type of research you would like to have done.
    --If you are submitting any coins in another grading company's holder, you must list a Crossover Minimum Grade. We will not remove a coin from a holder if we do not believe it will meet your minimum grade.
  3. Your Tier of Service
    Select your tier of service, based on the value of your coins, their country of origin, and you desired turnaround time. It is OK to choose multiple service tiers on the same submission, but you should be aware that these submissions will be processed at the slowest tier selected.
  4. Your Charges
    To calculate your total charges: --Calculate grading fees by multiplying the number of coins by the price of the selected service tier. --Calculate additional attribution verification or research fees. --Enter your Return Shipping and Insurance from the table on the back of the submission form.
  5. Sign and Date Your Form
    Keep a copy for your records.
  6. Shipping Your Coins
  7. We recommend sending your submission registered and insured with the US Post Office. Your coins should be put into numbered mylar flips, and then secured in double packing, such as a padded envelope inside a box. Never tape or staple your flips. Write the Service Tier that you choose on the outside of the package.

*There are many options available to determine coin values. If you have recently purchased the coin, the purchase price is the best place to start. Other helpful resources include the Whitman Red Book, coin pricing magazines, and on-line auction houses. Or, simply determine the amount you would realistically expect to be paid if you were to sell the coin. ANACS cannot set coin values for you.

**Varieties are usually die-related, and are often distinguished with various die-indentification numbers (such as VAM, Overton and Breen numbers). Other varieties that should be designated here include error coins, double dies, or any characteristic that needs to be identified on a coin's label. General coin designs or descriptions, such as Barber, Morgan, or Liberty, should not be listed in this column.

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