ANACS Guarantee

Coin grading is a subjective science and always reflects the expert opinion of ANACS’ graders. ANACS guarantees the grade and authenticity of coins it has certified and encapsulated in an ANACS holder since being purchased by new ownership on January 1, 2008. Furthermore, ANACS guarantees that every coin submitted to it shall be certified by ANACS’ grading experts in strict accordance with the ANACS grading standards, policies and procedures.

In the event the owner of an ANACS-graded coin believes there has been an error in grading, the owner may resubmit the coin to ANACS for re-examination. If the re-examination grade is lower than the grade originally assigned by ANACS, ANACS agrees, at its discretion, to either purchase the coin from the owner at fair market value or pay the owner of the coin the difference between the coins’ fair market value at the re-examination grade and the fair market value at the grade originally assigned by ANACS. ANACS will be the sole determiner for the current fair market value of the coin based on what ANACS believes is reliable current market information. ANACS’ determination of fair market value shall be binding on all parties.

This Guarantee applies only to ANACS-certified platinum, gold and silver coins and excludes bronze, copper and copper-nickel coins as these are delicate materials, easily affected by environmental conditions. This Guarantee does not apply to the following: any coin in a damaged, unsealed, counterfeit or altered ANACS holder; any clerical error(s) as to the description or grade of the coin; any “problem coins” that carry a “detail” and / or a “net” grade; any coin subjected to improper storage conditions such as extreme heat or cold, humidity, moisture, sunlight, etc.; and any coins removed from the ANACS holder. This Guarantee takes the place and supersedes all other or previous guarantees, warranties, either expressed or implied.

ANACS’ expertise is unmatched by any other grading service in regards varieties and attributions. However, attribution specialists and experts may sometimes disagree concerning any given variety or attributions. Also, some varieties are de-listed each year and others have their variety numbers and / or descriptions changed or modified. As a result, ANACS cannot guarantee any attribution or variety designation listed on an ANACS holder. If an ANACS customer has an ANACS-encapsulated coin that has had its variety or attribution listing changed or modified, the customer may, for a nominal fee, return the coin to ANACS so it can be updated.

Coins that were certified by ANACS under previous ownership will be reholdered in ANACS’ blue label. Coins that were certified since January 1, 2008, when ANACS began its new ownership, will be reholdered using ANACS’ gold label.

Important: Verbal opinions given by ANACS Graders at shows are estimates only. Coins must be submitted to ANACS for official determination of authenticity or grade. Verbal opinions are in no way guaranteed, and are only intended to be helpful guidelines.

ANACS currently encapsulates every coin we grade with a unique serial number that can be looked up at our website. However, there are ANACS encapsulated coins that were graded in the past as “special issues” and do not have unique serial numbers. These coins do feature the ANACS hologram, and are still subject to the ANACS guarantee. They also are included in the ANACS Population Report. If you have any of these coins and wish to have serial numbers assigned to them, you may submit them to ANACS at no charge.

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