ANACS $8 Silver & Gold Special

Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Now through the end of March 2017, you can submit your U.S. silver & gold for just $8 each.

All you need is an ANACS Submission form and 15 or more US Mint issue coins. We’ll take care from there.

Submissions must be post-marked by 3/31/2017. Coins cannot be insured for more than $2000 each and there is a scheduled turnaround time of 15 business days. There is a minimum required submission of 15 coins or more. Return shipping and other ANACS services are extra. See an ANACS submission form for other details and limitations. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

Spring Special!
Contact us at:
P.O. Box 6000,
Englewood, CO 80155
1-800-888-1861 • e-mail:
Grading Special
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Coin Show Schedule

ANACS will be accepting submissions at the following shows. Click here to see the full list and to see which shows ANACS' graders will attend.
Cheyenne Coin Expo ~ Radisson, Cheyenne, WY
March 25 - 26        
Kokomo Coin Show ~ Kokomo Event Center, Kokomo, IN
March 26 - 26        
Baltimore Expo ~ Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
March 30 - April 01        

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